Popular Replacement Window Styles For Your Home

When it’s time for replacement windows in Rockwall, TX, you know you have the opportunity to make changes to your current window style. You can stick with what you have (only newer) if that works well for you or you can change to something completely different. Here are some of the most popular replacement window styles that you might want to consider for your home:  

replacement windows in Rockwall, TX

Single And Double Hung Windows 

These windows are among the most common and they are vertical and slide open and closed. On single hung windows, only the bottom of the two panels moves. On double hung, both panels can move. These windows look nice and are handy because they can tilt into a house for cleaning. You don’t have to go outside and get out ladders to clean the exterior.  

Casement Windows 

Casement windows are sort of like doors. They have hinges on one side and swing out. This popular style gives you a window that opens all the way from top to bottom. It’s great for ventilation and is also easy to open in hard to reach places. It works well when you want to see more of your view, too, because there’s nothing interrupting your sight out of the window.  

Picture Windows 

These windows are stationary and don’t open and close. That makes them the most energy efficient option, but most people choose them because they want a large window to let in a lot of light and more of their view. Picture windows are often installed with other windows around them that do open so you can have the best of both worlds.  

Awning Windows 

These windows operate like casement windows, only the hinges are on the bottom and they open outward. These windows are often seen in basements, but they can be located in other areas as well. They can let in air, even when it is raining, since the awning of the window blocks debris.  

Slider Windows 

Think of double hung windows on their sides and that’s what slider windows are. They operate in a side to side fashion and slide open with ease. They work well when your wall space is very wide and perhaps not as tall.  

Bay And Bow Windows 

These architectural elements are popular for letting in more light and giving great views. They also make aesthetic features out of the windows and give you more space in the room that holds them.  

There are many other Rockwall, TX replacement window styles so you will have to examine your options, what you have now, and what you might want to get just the right fit. To start that process and making the other important decisions that are coming your way, contact Southwest Door & Windows by calling (214) 341-2212 to set up a consultation. We’re here to help you make informed decisions every step of the way so you’re happy with the end result after installation occurs. Visit our showroom at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238. 

Finding The Right Replacement Window Installer

When you choose replacement windows in Allen, TX, you look into all of the details including the ratings, the styles, the colors and so on. Once you have just the right windows for your home, you have to figure out how to install them. Keep in mind that the installation is just as important as the windows you choose. You’ll want to ensure they are properly installed, or they may not perform as they promised. To choose the right replacement window installer for the job, utilize the following handy tips:  

replacement windows in Allen, TX

Tip 1: Check Prices—And More 

It’s always good to know how much the installation is going to cost, but you’ll want to know much more than just cost. Some window contractors may charge the lowest prices, but they might not have experts to do the installation. Compare prices as well as history, longevity, and quality. If you want a good window manufacturer, you can trust contractors that work for companies that carry that manufacturer. Manufacturers get to choose who sells their windows and they won’t want to risk their name on faulty installations.  

Tip 2: Ensure Licensing And Insurance 

It should go without saying that a window company has licensing and insurance for the work they do, but not every contractor will. You need to protect your interests and your liabilities by making sure the company is well covered before you let someone install replacement windows onto your house. You can guarantee they know what they are doing through the licensing and the insurance will cover you and them if something happens while they are there.  

Tip 3: Go Local 

Commitment to the community is important. When you work with someone local, you are basically working with someone who lives and works in your area. They’re like neighbors and they know word of mouth is the most effective advertising. They want to do a good job for you. Plus, you can go back to them later with questions because they’ll still be there, in the local area, ready to help at any time.  

Tip 4: Consider Experience 

New contractors might do a good job as well, but the key word here is ‘might.’ You want a contractor that has already proven that they can do the job. They have satisfied customers lined up behind them, all ready to show you that the contractor can replace windows in the proper manner.  

When you’re ready to get just the right Allen, TX replacement windows installed, the professionals at Southwest Door & Window can take care of it for you. We carry quality windows so you can choose from our selection and then we can install them for you after you have just what you want. Give us a call at (214) 341-2212 for a free consultation and to ask any question you have about our experience and background. We’re available in person at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238 where we can show you window examples, ratings labels, and more. 

Grab Affordable Replacement Window Solutions

McKinney, TX replacement windows

You may know you have windows that are too old to do a good job for your home, but what can you do about it? McKinney, TX replacement windows are expensive and can you really afford them? The answer may not be as simple as you’d like, but you need to think about how much your old windows are costing you. They suck energy out of your house and drive your bills up, after all. So, in the end, the question is can you afford not to get new windows?  

Replacement windows are a big investment, of course, but they don’t have to be as large and looming as you might think. When you look into replacement windows, remind yourself of the qualities you are getting along with the price tag. Windows might cost quite a bit, but you are getting a lot as well. You are getting insulation for your home, for example. And that insulation will drive your energy bills back down where they deserve to be. You will save money every month and you can start paying yourself back for the investment right away. If you’re going to sell your house in the future, you’ll also see a return on your initial investment. You can get up to 80% of the money you put into new windows back at that time. Stay long enough and you’ll recoup the rest in energy savings.  

Just because windows come with tons of options doesn’t mean you have to take them. Options drive window prices up and it’s okay to go with something more basic if you’re on a budget. If you have single pane glass now, even getting standard double pane windows will make a world of difference. Upgrading to triple pane glass can save even more energy, but it costs extra and may not be within your budget. The options are nice to have, but you don’t have to take them in order to get windows that will serve your home well. It’s all about your goals and your budget because this is your project.  

New windows will cost you and there’s no way around that. But there are some instances where you can’t afford not to get them. Older windows can bleed your monthly budget dry and they such the comfort out of your home too. If that’s the position you find yourself in, it’s time to look into new windows. There are affordable options up for grabs, after all.  

When you start looking into McKinney, TX replacement windows, contact the experts at Southwest Door & Windows for help. Give us a call at (214) 341-2212 so we can talk to you about the options and get some specific details about your home. We can make better recommendations in person if you invite us to your home for a free, in-home consultation. You can also look at samples and see details in our showroom at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238, where we’re happy to show you around and note differences in various windows. 

Choosing The Right Replacement Window Company

Windows play a huge role on any home. They make-up the aesthetic, change the energy efficiency, and create comfort when they are working well. If they aren’t, there can be a whole list of issues. If you are looking into Richardson, TX replacement windows because your windows are on the old side and not operating well any longer, you’ll need to enlist the help of a company that knows windows. Here are a few tips to help you find just the right company for the job.  

Richardson, TX replacement windows

Check Prices—And More 

The prices a company charges can tell you a lot about it. You don’t always want to go with the lowest prices when it comes to replacement windows. You need quality in your windows and you need to understand what prices are fair. Companies that offer prices that are far lower might be trying to draw you in, only to tack on fees later. Or, they might have low quality windows or installers that don’t know what they are doing. Instead, it’s better to go with a company that has fair prices. You’ll also want to check on a lot more than price because quality is important in any replacement window project. Choose a reputable company with a long history in the area so you know they can back up their work.  

Go Local 

There are large national companies and those that come and go through the area, but you’re always going o be better off choosing a local company that is committed to the community. The people who work at local companies live and work among you. They’re basically your neighbors and they want what’s best for your home. They aren’t going anywhere after the job is complete so they’ll be around to address any issues. They know word of mouth is powerful and they want to do the best job for you so whatever you say about them will be complimentary.  

Ensure Insurance Coverage 

Anyone can say they have insurance coverage, but not every company will be able to prove it. You need to see the liability and worker’s compensation coverage before you move forward with any company so you know your home and everyone inside it is safe. You don’t’ want to become responsible for an expensive accident and the coverage can give you peace of mind about working with a certain company.  

There are many other things you will look for in a company that offers Richardson, TX replacement windows, but these items will get you started in your search. As you look through the options in the area, be sure to include Southwest Door & Windows on the list and call us at (214) 341-2212. We can give you the answers you need to feel good about working with us. Plus, we’re friendly people and we truly love what we do. Stop by and see us for yourself and you’ll get a feel for what it’s like to work with us. We’re located at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238.  

Popular Replacement Window Benefits

Windows do a lot more than let in natural light and circulate air. When you get Allen, TX replacement windowsyou need to consider the full list of things they do. Finding the right style is a good start and you’ll have to consider your budget, your home’s architecture, your needs, and many other elements. Here are some of the region’s most popular styles and their benefits to help you get started.  

Allen, TX replacement windows

Single And Double Hung Windows 

These styles look just alike with one distinct difference. Single hung windows only open on the bottom half while double hung windows can open on both top and bottom. These are some of the most popular replacement windows in the area because they can be tilted into the house for cleaning the outside from inside. They also help with safety on the second floor since you can open the top potion and not the bottom to allow air to circulate. These windows also look great on pretty much any home style.  

Casement Windows 

Casement windows open like doors with a hung on one side. They crank out and away from your house and are very popular in homes all across the country. They’re great for ventilation since the entire window opens at once and they can catch breezes and bring fresh air into the home. They also help you see views better since there’s nothing on the glass to interrupt the sights.  

Picture Windows 

No one wants a house full of just picture windows, but when they are placed right, they work very well. Picture windows don’t open and close and are generally on the larger side. But, in the right location, they bring in a lot of natural light and let you see unobstructed views of whatever you have around your house. You can place smaller windows around a larger picture window to get the ventilation you want, if need be.  

Awning Windows 

These windows are popular for letting air in, even while it’s raining. The windows have a hinge at the top and crank out, like a casement window on its side. The awning portion of the window blocks the home from rain or other debris, like falling leaves. These windows are especially popular in basements, but work well in other locations, too.  

Do any of these styles stand out to you? Keep in mind that you don’t have to have just one window style in every room of your house.  You can pick and choose and set things up however you’d like. Contact Southwest Door & Windows about your Allen, TX replacement windows by calling (214) 341-2212 to get started. Whether you’re partial to double hung, casement, or something else, we’re here to help. We can even talk about adding a bow or bay window to your home for even further interest and beauty. Stop by and see the windows we carry at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238 and we’ll show you the labels and describe the differences until you find just what you need. 

The Real Costs Of Repairing Or Replacing Windows

Your home is the most significant investment you will ever make, and when it starts to age, you will want to keep up with maintenance and repairs to keep it in good condition. Life gets busy and it makes sense that you might put off repairs at times, but when your windows really need attention, looking into Frisco, TX replacement windows or the necessary repairs can make a world of difference on your home. Do you need to repair them or is a full replacement in store? What do those things cost?  

Frisco, TX replacement windows

Deciding On Window Age  

If you are the first and only owner of your home, you might know exactly how old the windows are and that’s very helpful. If not, you might have to do a little research. Look at the windows for rotting wood, broken panes or seals, or drafts and air leaks. You will also want to test whether or not they open or close correctly. Sometimes, you can tell just be looking at a window that it’s seen better days. If your windows are several decades old, chances are they are due for a replacement. It’s not worth repairing something broken if it won’t do much good. You’ll save more money and headaches in the long run if you move forward with replacements.  

Calculating Costs  

While you may have looked into the costs of window repairs or replacements, have you ever stopped to think about how much your windows are costing you by ignoring them? The details are quite large. Older windows leak air like crazy, and they will make your energy bills rise beyond your beliefs. That causes increased wear and tear on HVAC systems, and you might see fading flooring and furniture because of lack of sun protection as well. If they don’t let in enough natural light, you always have to have lights on, which again uses even more energy. Living in Texas is great in the winter, but it can get rather hot in the summer and you’ll waste even more energy trying to stay cool with older windows installed.  

There are many different repair options for certain windows, but once your windows reach a certain age, or if they are damaged in certain ways, going for replacement will cost you less in the end. You’ll want to have your windows examined by professionals so you can decide if it’s time for new ones or not.  

If you are in the market for Frisco, TX replacement windows or if you want to know if repairs are possible and necessary, contact Southwest Door & Window by calling (214) 341-2212. We can send someone to your home for a free consultation so we can take a look at the windows you’re working with and give you advice about their viability. Stop by and see us in person to look over window options. Our showroom is located at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238 and we’re here to help with your project however we can. 

Window Replacement Becomes A Necessity

There are some things that you obviously need to fix or replace within your home. When the heater isn’t working any longer, you have no choice but to get it fixed. If the air conditioning stops working, you have to get something going again before the summer hits in full force. But Irving, TX window replacement? You can put that off, right? Well, maybe, but there may come a time when it’s a true necessity. Here are a few instances that will tell you window replacement is a true necessity.  

Your Utility Bills Are Unaffordable 

Most families live on a budget and if you have certain parameters you have to live within, it might become hard to do if your windows are leaking air like crazy and driving your utility bills through the roof. If you’ve noticed your bills climbing and there’s no end in sight, even if you keep the lights off and the temperatures lower than normal, it could very well be your windows that are to blame. Consult with a professional from the window industry and they will be able to tell you if you need new windows. You might have to go for window replacement just so you can afford the utility bills once again.  

Your Broken Windows Can’t Be Fixed 

Things happen to windows and while some of those things can be fixed, others can’t. If the seal around your window breaks, for example, you’ll have a major leak in that window and that can’t be fixed. You might see condensation between the panes of glass and that’s not a good sign either. If your windows are broken in any way that can’t be fixed, window replacement is a necessity.  

You Have Single Pane Glass 

Can you live in a house with single pane glass? In theory, yes, but you really shouldn’t. Single pane glass doesn’t hold any air back so your house is horribly inefficient. Plus, the glass is easy to break, either on purpose or on accident. If someone wants to get into your house, they can with ease. If you fall over into the window on accident, there’s not much hope of the glass staying intact. Single pane glass should be replaced with new windows that have double or triple pane glass. You’ll have better safety levels and higher efficiency immediately after you make the switch.  

Irving, TX window replacement

It can be hard to know if your window replacement in Irving, TX is really necessary or not. How can you tell? As someone not in the window industry, you may or may not know one way or the other. And that’s why it’s best to call Southwest Door & Window at (214) 341-2212. We can give you a free, in-home consultation during which we’ll take a look at your current windows so we can give you advice as to whether or not you need new windows. There might be some things that can be fixed, but sometimes, window replacement is a true necessity. Stop by and see window examples at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238. 

Brightening A House With Replacement Windows

If your house feels small and dark, it could be because the rooms are smaller than you’d like or that you don’t have enough lights in the space. Or, it could be because of the old windows. If you are thinking about getting replacement windows in Plano, TX, it’s your chance to look into opening up your home with natural light. There are a number of ways new windows can help with brightening up any room.  

replacement windows in Plano, TX

More Glass 

Even if you keep your windows the same shape and size, they can still add natural light to a space when you get replacements. New windows are technologically advanced and they have much more glass space than they used to. Frames have gotten smaller and smaller, which leaves more space for glass. When you have more glass, there’s more room for natural light to come through.  

Changing Size 

When you get new windows, it’s also your chance to make changes to the window layouts and sizes you already have. Perhaps you have a group of windows that you could replace with one big picture window or a space on the wall that could use a window. These changes can bring a lot of extra light into a room and really brighten things up.  

Lighter Colors 

Older windows sometimes have old, dark wood on them or a darker color that just dampens any light you try to bring in. By switching to new windows with white or another light color, you can take advantage of the light that comes through and make it stand out more.  

Taking Down Old Window Coverings 

There might be some sides of your home that get too much bright sunshine. While you want to have natural light, you don’t want the heat that goes along with it so you cover the windows to keep the heat out. When you have new windows, you can get low-E coatings on the glass, which lets the natural light through, but not the heat of the sun. These coatings also block UV rays so you don’t have to worry about things fading so you’ll have to replace them sooner.  

There are many different things you can do with replacement windows in Plano, TX. Most homeowners want more energy efficiency from them. Others want a unique style or a sense of character. And then there are those who want to brighten their home with natural light. Whatever your goals may be, make sure you tell the professionals at Southwest Door & Window when you call (214) 341-2212. During your free consultation, we can talk about what you want from your new windows. If you want more natural light, we’ll offer suggestions on how that can happen with certain choices in the windows you get. When you stop by our showroom at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238, we can show you around and talk about different ratings, styles, and other qualities that are important in the choices you make before the project begins. 

Adding Windows With Character

When you look into getting new windows in Allen, TX, you probably already have a lot of goals in mind. You want your new windows to be energy efficient so your home can be comfortable and so you can save money on your energy bills. But now’s the time to make changes to your windows, if you want to do so. Adding character to your home is something many homeowners want to do to give the house more style and curb appeal. These are a few things you could consider doing to add character to your home through your windows.  

windows in Allen, TX01

Contrast The Colors 

White windows are still the most popular, but if you want your home to really pop and have some extra color, you might want to contrast the colors instead. Homes can blend windows into the siding color and look great, but contrasting the color will give the home some added character. Black is a really popular window color right now so if you have a light-colored home, that could work for you. Otherwise, dark browns, grays, and other neutral tones in a darker color can contrast home colors as well.  

Add Shapes 

Most windows are rectangular in shape, though some are also squares. If you want to add some extra character to your house, you might add a few windows in different shapes. You could put a circle above a door, a triangle in the hallway, and an octagon in the bathroom. Those shapes show from outside as well as inside and add character to both sides of the house.  

Consider Bow Or Bay 

If you want to go all out with shapes, consider adding a bay or bow window to one room of the house. These windows actually extend out of the house, giving you more space while they add architectural interest both inside and out. You can put one of these windows in the breakfast nook in the kitchen, in the dining room for extended table space, or in the living room for a reading area. Anywhere you place it, it will add more character to the house as a whole.  


Some homeowners like their windows to be free of grids so they can show more of their view and there’s nothing wrong with that. But some houses look nice with grids to show some extra style and character. You could put the grids on the windows in the front while leaving the side and back windows free.  

When you’re ready to make a move towards new windows in Allen, TX, it’s your chance to do things a little differently and add some character to your home. Contact Southwest Door & Window by calling (214) 341-2212 for a free consultation. We’ll take a look at your current window set-up and let you know what we suggest to bring extra character to your home. Stop by our showroom at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238 so we can show you some window examples and see what your preferences are. 

What Warranties Do You Want On Replacement Windows?

When you get replacement windows in Allen, TX, you are making a big investment in your home. You want them to last and for nothing to go wrong, but life doesn’t always work the way you want it to, right? When you are getting replacement windows, it’s important to make sure they have good warranties to go along with them. And those warranties shouldn’t just cover the windows themselves.  

replacement windows in Allen, TX

Skip Replacement Windows Without Warranties  

It’s rare, but you might run across replacement windows that don’t have any warranties on them at all. If you find windows like that, don’t buy them. If the manufacturer isn’t willing to stand behind the quality of their products, you don’t know what you’re getting. The windows might look great once they are installed…but for how long? If something breaks or goes wrong in any way, you have nothing to fall back on.  

Standard Warranties  

Standard warranties should cover anything defective or anything on a window that breaks before its time. If you are worried about getting replacement windows, ensuring that the standard warranties cover all of the basics will help you have peace of mind about the situation. There’s no need to take any risks with products that are that expensive.  

Extra Warranties  

You can also add extra warranties onto your replacement windows if you want to extend your coverage. Some warranties might run for the lifetime of the windows while others will have a limited time frame on them.  

Installation Guarantees  

You will also likely get a guarantee from the installer you choose, if you pick a reputable window installer. Choosing the right installer is very important because the windows can’t perform as they promised unless they are correctly installed. Hiring the right installer with a guarantee standing behind them will give you even more safeguards. If anything goes wrong with the windows due to the installation, the installing company will take care of the problem. They can also tell you if something is wrong because of a manufacturing defect so you can address that as well.  

Warranties and guarantees are an important part of the window replacement process. You don’t want one without the other. Getting replacement windows in Allen, TX can be very beneficial to you when everything lines up just so. You are in charge of the project as a whole, so it is up to you to ensure you get everything you need during the process. One of the best things you can do is work with a trustworthy company that can help you from start to finish. You’ll get great guarantees and warranties from Southwest Door & Window, and we’re happy to lay them out and explain them to you. If you’re ready to start looking into new windows, call us at (214) 341-2212, and we’ll give you a free consultation. We can also show you different window styles and qualities when you stop by our showroom. We’re located at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238, and we’d be happy to see you.